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JIYSC Scholarship Information

Scholarship Policy & Guidelines:

James Island Youth Soccer Club (JIYSC) is committed to providing a high-quality youth soccer program that is accessible to everyone. JIYSC strives to keep soccer affordable and does all it can to keep economic barriers from not being a factor in a youth’s participation in playing soccer. If at all possible, no player desiring to play soccer and participate at JIYSC will be denied due to financial hardship. 

All scholarship funding is only for registration fees and coaching fees when applicable. The player will still be responsible for uniforms, tournaments, travel expenses and additional training expenses. Scholarships must be applied for on a seasonal basis for “Club” players and annually for “Jr. Academy, Academy and Select” players.   

Criteria and Eligibility:

Any family is eligible to apply for a scholarship if an economic barrier could prevent a player(s) from participating at JIYSC. Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship.
Non-Discrimination Clause: No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs.

Scholarship Application:

Applicants must complete the required application form (located on the JIYSC website) and return the completed application to the JIYSC Treasurer.

Please click here for the scholarship application form

Proof of need shall be included as part of the application process to allow for full consideration of awarding a scholarship and to assist in verifying the level of financial need. This information will be reviewed discreetly and confidentially by the scholarship committee. Proof of need may include:
  • Any player currently receiving government assistance such as welfare, housing assistance, or free/reduced school lunch subsidy records.
  • Other proof of need items may include income tax records and or paystubs.
  • In the absence of such proof of need records, the applicant should illustrate need through a written statement of their situation.

Scholarship Committee and Approval Process:

The Scholarship committee shall consist of the Vice-President, Treasurer and Club Registrar. Relatives of a candidate cannot participate in the approval process. The Club’s Treasurer receives the applications and notifies the Vice-President of the requests. The Scholarship committee shall review applications. They will then submit their recommendations along with amounts requested and available budget to the board for consideration and final approval vote. The parent will receive written notification of the Board’s decision whether or not the scholarship is awarded.

All information contained in the Scholarship Application will be kept confidential. 

Obligations of the Scholarship Recipient:

Players receiving financial aid and their families are required to exert a maximum effort to do volunteer work (minimum of 6 hours) for the Club as requested. Volunteer opportunities are available in operating the concession stand, field work, and fundraising. In addition, a player who receives a scholarship:

Will attend all practices and games unless otherwise excused by the team’s Head Coach.
Will demonstrate proper sportsmanship at all club activities.

Additional questions can be directed to JIYSCTreasurer@gmail.com